Hex Templar VI Recap

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Tournament Bracket

Top Three

Place Player Prize FWC Points
1 Amoeba $25 Steam Cash 15
2 Donpork $10 Steam Cash 10
3 xged $5 Steam Cash 5


Yellow Rush losing in fatigue


Amoeba 3-1 Donpork
Salamander Swarm 0-1 Red Yellow Burn
Salamander Swarm 1-1 Blue Green Jump
Yellow Flyers 2-1 Blue Green Jump
Red Bargain 3-1 Blue Green Jump

Third Place Match

xged 3-2 Kalies
Blue Green Jump 1-0 Salamander Tosser
Yellow Rush 1-1 *Salamander Tosser
Yellow Rush 1-2 Red Yellow Burn
Midrange Red 2-2 Yellow Flyers
Yellow Rush 3-2 Yellow Flyers

Deck Color Representation:

Players were told to submit their decklists prior to the start of the tournament bracket, and after compiling them, here are the numbers!

  • Mono Red: 4
  • Mono Yellow: 5
  • Red/Green: 5
  • Blue/Green: 5
  • Red/Yellow: 6
  • Green/Yellow: 3
  • Mono Blue: 4
  • Red/Blue: 4
  • Blue/Yellow: 3
  • Red/Green/Blue: 1
  • Red/Blue/Yellow: 2

Casters: Werfs & Minocaro

Over the course of the first season of HTL, I compiled some fun stats to take a look at. As we transition towards a new expansion, I felt like it was good to take a look at a long-stabilized metagame, especially in the competitive scene.

  • Overall Deck Color Representation
  • A total of 45 unique players who have participated at least once in HTL!
  • Every single winner of an HTL Tournament had a Mono-Red decklist; 4 of them being Red Combat and the other 2 being bargain focused.
  • 5 out of 6 tournament winners brought a Mono-Yellow decklist; 3 of them being Tempo based and the other 2 being Yellow Flyers.