Hold the Line and Imperial Guard

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Hold the Line became a powerful card following the buff of Imperial Guard. For one Faeria you can put two Imperial Guards in your hand. This essentially increases you deck size giving you creatures you don’t have to put in your deck. This card also offers synergies with other cards and deck types.

Imperial Guard is a cheap defensive creature with a Last Word that heals you for two health. The 2/3 stat line allows Imperial Guard to challenge all of Yellow Rush’s haste creatures and hold off others aggressive cards. Being a neutral card gives it the luxury of being played on any land tile, making this card a fantastic harvester.

For one Faeria you gain two Imperial Guard’s. You are paying one Faeria for two creatures that you don’t have to put in your deck.

Deck Synergies

Event synergy is supported in Faeria and cards in Blue and Yellow can benefit from cheap events.

Yellow Events is a control deck that uses event synergy creatures to gain board control or play cheap and powerful creatures. The Imperial Guards being neutral is a another benefit because it is easy to set them up as harvesters with prairies.

Aurora’s Disciple benefits greatly from cheap events. Any deck built around this card will always have a wealth of cheap events for quick power ups. Hold the Line is not only a cheap event but can also provide valuable taunts to protect your Disciples.

If you’re looking for defense or cheap event synergy, Hold the Line is a fantastic card to include in your deck.