Hotfixes - November 26th

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed AI bug leading to Dragons using the +1f power too often
  • Fixed AI not handling Thunder Eel’s Gift properly
  • Fixed AI sometimes not being able to handle Pandora and Wild-costed cards properly
  • Gift of the Rakoa now works properly with all allied creatures in Co-Op
  • Fixed daily quests not progressing in solo Dragons
  • Fixed coin purchase button not interactable if you did not have enough coins to pay the undiscounted prices of promoted items
  • Dragon Wells are not lootable in Mythic chests anymore
  • Mythic cards with effects generating other cards are back to generating Mythic cards again
  • Fixed a visual glitch showing an additional news on the home screen, below the three available slots when a tournament is active
  • The icon in the Co-Op dragon quest panel no longer shows Fafnir as the opponent
  • Fixed an issue messing up the emotes played by your deck’s custom avatar

QoL Improvements

  • Unowned cosmetics are no longer displayed in the decks’ cosmetic set customization panel
  • Owned cosmetics are now put first in the profile’s cosmetic set customization panel instead of spread out amongst unowned ones
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