How do I link my Steam account?

Hey, everyone. I started playing a few days ago through Steam, but when I got the prompt to link my Steam and Abrakam accounts early on, I dismissed it (wanted to do it later if I stuck with the game, and I didn’t have an Abrakam account anyway…), and now I can’t for the life of me find out how to do it. I tried making an Abrakam account with the IGN I’d chosen in Faeria, which of course failed; I tried logging in with my Steam email and Faeria password, which also failed; and finally I made an Abrakam account with a different IGN… to find that I seemingly don’t even get account management options (outside of forum preferences), much less a “link a steam account so you don’t miss out on the tournament stream raffle tomorrow” option.
So… is there anything that can be done, or will I be watching the tournament on a brand new smurf account?

I don’t know, may be you can ask on Discord, there are more players there, and some mods/staff too.

Thanks. I asked there and they told me to contact support, so… hopefully next Monday I’ll have one account.