How do I tell if my profile has Premium?

Okay so I bought the 3in1 pack on steam (coz I f*****g LOVE faeria) and was very excited to see additional deck slots… but they’re not there… also I cant see the 20 new cards (only the skyyak change)… I have closed and reopened faeria, uninstalled and reinstalled. looked everwhere in game. double & triple checked my steam and it says both expansions are purchased and installed… WHATS HAPPENING?!

If you have a blue faeria logo at the top left of the main menu then you don’t have premium, if it’s golden then you do have premium.
I believe that steam is having an issue where it doesn’t think that you’ve purchased the pack even though you have? You should ask Atmaz on the faeria discord about it, he’ll probably respond tomorrow though. Or you can submit a ticket here which may take a few days to be read. (Depends on the type of issue I believe.)

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I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! I have an alternate account for faeria and I thought perhaps my premium went to it instead of my main account and alas… it has… Is it possible to fix this?