How do you delete draft decks in the hub?

I made a draft deck but now want to delete it but don’t know how. Does anyone know how to do it?

1st of all what do you mean by draft decks, if its the one you made for pandora then you cant delete it unless you quit your pandora run

I believe xploring is talking about decks on the hub website, not in the game itself. I don’t have an answer, though. The website interface there does need a bit of work.

Yeah, I only found out yesterday you can save draft for the deck builder on the hub. You can see it when you click on your username in the hub (the website).

There currently isn’t any way to delete decks from the Hub. I had a couple older ones I just removed everything from and turned into new decks, since that’s really the only way to get rid of the old ones.


That strange. This looks like a good candidate for a meta suggestion about the Hub in the Feedback and Suggestions Category!