How do you obtain the card "Crystal Flower"?


My question is as the title of this post: How do you obtain the card “Crystal Flower”?

It seems I cannot craft it but I also cannot find any information on how to obtain it. Could you guys please tell me?

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Crystal Flower was one of the cards released in the Oversky expansion.

Well, I have purchased the expansion but the card wasn’t among the ones I received with it. So I am trying to get through the expansion (purchased all the islands) but so far I haven’t received any cards for defeating bosses so I am a bit doubtful that is how I obtain it.

The very first Island (the free one) is the only one that you need to actually defeat the bosses to unlock the cards. I think it is the one in the middle of the Oversky screen but can’t recall exactly. Otherwise you just need to buy the Island and the cards are automatically unlocked.
Here is the link so you can see what cards come from which Islands

Wish that page had shown up in my searches on this site hahaha

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Yeah it is awkwardly buried for how important it is. Its through a link posted in the FAQ for the expansion, and I only know that because I remember how annoying it was to try to find the first time.
Glad I could help out :laughing:

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