How does ranking work after 'god' rank?

so I keep bouncing against rank 6 … seems impossible to hit 5, even briefly by chance and luck.

I swear opponents start playing my counter-decks at 6.

but I see guys who are ranked, you know, #356, #216, and so on, sometimes I see them ranked level 4, or 2.

rare to see anyone below 5.

are there maybe ~100 guys per rank? so if I am stuck at level 6, then perhaps I am #600 something? -whats going on at this point?

The number after the # is your actual rank worldwide :slight_smile:
So if you’re #1 you’re the number 1 Faeria player for the time being :slight_smile:

In Faeria, it’s possible to reach God rank with a lower than 50% win-rate, which means if everyone plays enough games, more than 50% of players should reach God rank. Of course most people don’t have that much free time, but that, combined with the relatively small player-base is why you do see quite a lot of God ranked players.

How are you able to reach god rank when you lose more games than you win?
That’s weird? Are you sure?

You get more stars than you get wins due to streaks. You get less stars lost than you have looses due to rank checkpoints.

Possible but not common. If a player is not playing well, win streaks at higher ranks are unlikely, especially win streaks long enough to run five ranks, from say 15 to 10. More likely at lower ranks

It’s just a matter of playing a lot of games. There are no losing streaks, so if you win 50% of the time, you will advance from even very occasional streaks.

There’s also a daily bonus star, so if you just play to your first win every day, you’d need to lose 2/3 of your games and not get win-streaks in order to stay in one place.

It’s easy for something like that to happen even if you’re a good player if you do keep running into counter-decks and don’t change your deck to perform better in the meta, but every game that’s played, someone gets a win and advances.