How does the turn timer work?

I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere ( I didn’t see where), but how does the countdown timer for your turn work? I’m often in situations where my opponent’s timer has “run out” – gone to zero, but he can still play/make moves. What’s the point of the timer then? Is there no penalty for going over time?

On a related note, giving someone 2 full minutes to reconnect each time they disconnect really slows down games and seems overly long, especially when it happens every other turn.

So… Really, has no one noticed this?

I believe it lasts a little bit after the countdown to 0 so that if you’re scrambling to make your moves in time you can.

HEY DEVS: It would be cool to have the option to turn the turn timer on or off for casual games with friends! PLEASE consider this!

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Going over time for 2-3 seconds is ok I think. Internet lag can do that.

I was thinking there should be more than one time control rule. Like in tournament each player get 10 minutes in total for the game, free to spend on any move, or like blitz in chess, 10/15 seconds per turn. I guess that will need more players.

Animations will continue to play after the turn is over. If I toss out 4 events right before the timer ends, they have all registered as being “played” and will animate their mechanics regardless of the timer. I don’t think this takes any time from the other player, it just makes it seem like your turn goes over. No big deal.

I think it’s outright awful that the countdown doesn’t count down to the actual end of turn. I don’t care how long the turn timer is, it just feels really shoddy that it isn’t synchronised. Idk what the point could possibly be other than to look really bad.

I’m not sure why you think the turn timer isn’t synchronised. If you have played Hearthstone you will see the exact same mechanic take place there. The method currently in place is the best way to allow gameplay to flow uninterrupted, and neither player loses time from their turns from this interaction.

The timer counts down to 0, all animations play out to finish the turn, the next players turn begins.

What are you suggesting for an alternative to this method? Do animations stop halfway through and cards are refunded to a players hand, even though they have no control over how long animations take to play out? Do cards get played with no animations leading to confusion on what exactly happened at the end of the turn? Should the timer “steal” time from the other players turn? None of these solutions seem fitting to me.

The timer ticks down and then there are a few seconds of leeway, even when nothing is played. Hearthstone’s rope is similar, in that you have to know from experience how long it will fizzle at the end, rather than the turn simply finishing when it gets to the end. This feels very sloppy to me and I think it should be linear and intuitive.

Of course animations should play and they shouldn’t count into the following turn (which they certainly do in HS; I’m not sure about Faeria, as there aren’t any massive combos that take the whole turn to animate), but the final time at which you can initiate those animations should be obvious.