How many players in 'God Rank'?

…so by some miracle I have reached rank 2.

wondering if I can break into God.

…How many players are ranked past 1? …is it supposed to be about 100 players, plus whoever breaks the threshold but falls back again?

They are all listed. There were about 200 last month? Not sure.

damn, so many.

well, I guess I’m not getting into the top 10 any time soon.

Is god rank the top X% of players or is it a hard number?

Isn’t it anyone who can beat rank #1? And thus, due to asymmetrical natura of ranking up and down, in theory, everyone could become as gods?..

Become as gods?..

Become as gods?..

Become as gods?..

As gods?..

So if you beat the person with the #1 headband than you become a god?

A person, not THE person. Rank one houses many players, as does any other rank. And again, since this is an asymmetrical system, it’s in theory possible for everyone to get to rank #1.

I’m making a reference to Afro Samurai :joy:

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And I was making a reference to Nier Automata :grin:

Well… oops :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: