How open thats packs?

sorry for my english but i chilean, my question is why i cant open a golden chest pack that are bottom of normal chest pack and say that “An unknown force to show approximately these coffers”

thanks :slight_smile:

it is just not yet developed, nobody can open them at the moment :slight_smile:


You will be able to open them in the future! :slight_smile:

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These packs were an alternate gift given to those who received the full unlock I believe. Although they can’t be grabbed now I believe once they game goes full release (or sooner) You’ll be able to open these awesome treasures!

We plan to have Mythic chests (the gold ones) available to open at the release of 1.0. They’ll be cosmetic related.
Until then, hang on to them and keep them safe. :slight_smile:

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And if you have the urge to mumble “my precious” repeatedly you’ll be in good company and will not have any judgments from the likes of myself at the very least! :yum:

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