How randomness is good, but it can also ruin the game

I am new in Faeria and as veteran of many card games, I can say without any doubt that I like this game and it has a tremendous potential. One of my suggestions for developers is to be mild with randomness. Sometimes the random element is enjoyable and fun in casual games, but it can also ruin the game in a competitive sense.

As most card games, there is already an element of randomness on drawing cards. Random is good because avoids the game to be too mechanic or if you can make a strategic around it. But an overuse of random effects, make game decisions shadowed by a dice and the game becomes frustratingly pointless.

The randomness comes, because is easy to implement in a digital card game, but consider the possibility that this might become some day a physical game. Some effects like “draw two random cards” is a unique mechanism that makes that possibility impossible.

Just learn the lessons from Hearthstone. That game is doomed because of the excessive RNG warmonger.


I’m not a veteran, so i was waiting in writing something similar to your post hoping to delve deeper and learn something that would change my mind…by now still nothing to find however.
In most deck ideas i have, cards that “create cards from nothing” are terrible, because they could give me something that i don’t want, like defensive cards in a purely aggressive deck, cards that cost too much for my planned gameplay and so on. But i can’t ignore them, because sometimes they give you a second copy of a strong legendary card…
More i play, more i hate that type of cards. In other card games i usually play i always want to draw: if i’m not drawing the card i need, i’m “thinning” the deck, making easier to draw the right card next time. But, as i said, i want to draw from my deck, not to create something random.
If i construct a deck with certain cards, the reason is that i need those cards and i want to draw those cards.

The fact that sometimes i could win or lose a game because me or my opponent create from nothing a card that could be terribly strong (like a second Garudan from Magda at the right time, for example) or terribly weak (like an Aurora’s Dream having 3 Faeria) really diminish the fun i have playing this game. And it’s a pity, because the rest of the game (the land-mechanic and the interaction with the cards, the Faeria management and so on) are really something gorgeous

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