How to buff Aquatic creatures

Right now Aquatic creatures are rather weak compared to other creatures. While in future expansions there could be cards that would make aquatic keyword more viable, I think there should be something done right now.

My proposal: make it possible to summon aquatic creatures at the ocean tiles adjustment to your lands.

This would fit aquatic creatures flavor-wise, wouldn’t make them much stronger overall, but would allow some interesting plays. You could gather Faeria with aquatic creatures a bit more faster, as you could summon them a tile away from your lands. And you could summon aquatic creatures almost everywhere where you have lands, which could sometimes be really handy.

I saw a lot of other proposals and reworkings of aquatic keyword, but a lot of those are either too strong and would follow in more balance adjustments (like I once proposed an ability to create lands near your aquatic creatures when they’re in the ocean), or too complex (like having then charge 2 when in ocean/lakes and like half of a movement on normal lands, similar to how ranged move). The ability to summon them near your lands then seems rather easy and interesting.

If anyone have other ideas on how aquatic creatures could be buffed, or why my proposed addition is OP, feel free to comment!

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I really like the idea. I only worry that it will make super powerful blue rush decks with lots of utility/removal a thing. Maybe not now but in the future as more cards are added.
I agree that something needs to be done to aquatic though. Its a pretty limiting keyword right now.

The ability for aquatic creatures to be able to move onto a tile bordered by ocean or lakes would be very cool though. That could give them interesting movement options and the ability to cross 1 tile walls and still have viability in the late game.

Alternatively, how about making Aquatic creatures able to traverse all kinds of terrain, like flying, but taking 1 damage if they end turn on tile other than Ocean/Lake?

On one hand it would be limiting the uniqueness of them a bit, since they’d be more similar to fliers, on the other hand it would make it so they are not as easily stopped by dropping a land on their path.