How to counter Skywhales?

Hi. I really struggle against whales. Can you advice me, what is the best way to counter them? As a Midrange or Control, non-yellow player? Thank you for suggestions.

Lots of people have been asking the same question… Currently, the only way to counter skywhales seems to be direct burn damage, such as Flame Burst. You can also transform or Deathtouch them, but this also destroys whatever they swallowed. Another tactic is what may be called “taunt and smash”. Grappling hook may also be an option, but I’ve never seen it being used against whales.

The main problem with whales is that they aren’t Legendary. So even if a player manages to deal with one, their opponent can just place another on the board! Let’s hope that the next expansion, which the devs are already working on, includes some sort of “regurgitation” mechanic to counter the swallow cards :slight_smile:

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there is maybe a possibility for your with “Punishement”, but need 1 more damage. Royal judge for more flexibility.

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Swarm can counter whale, winning by sheer numbers. Or board control. If you can remove enemy collectors, a single whale will look isolated. Having many small creatures also mean there is nothing valuable to swallow.