How to Defeat Gods with Empathy, Yaks, and Rakoan Cannons

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Through advanced, self-funded research, I have determined that Ruby Yak’s incredible ability does not “burn” an opponent’s orb. Instead, Ruby Yaks force a neurological connection with each opposing god and make the emotional trauma of harming a yak also cause physical trauma until the opponent is so disgusted by their aggressive nature that they faint.


Build up one side with a Ruby Yak safely tucked as a defensive collector and force your opponent to engage your other yaks. Your opponent will soon become ashamed for hurting them. This is good. Keep it up. Yaks are tough and they can take it.


  • Ruby Yak, Rakoan Reveller, Seifer’s Wrath

Card Choices

  • Ruby Yak is your win condition. Destroyer of dreams. Champion of yaks.
  • Shamanic Dance helps your yaks survive for more “burn” damage, while locking down your opponents mid-board and keeping them away from the Ruby Yak masterminds.
  • Path to Paradise is great for versatile land placement, while having great synergy with Rakoan Reveller (for when you throw him in a cannon for 3 damage to face). Also works with Topaz Yak who can hit face or creatures for massive damage.
  • Famine when you have lots of Yaks. You’re only starving them a little bit, so don’t worry… Actually, you’re severely stunting Baby Yak’s growth, but he’ll recover somehow.
  • Speaking of Baby Yak, he is birthed from an Emerald Yak (don’t ask - it’s complicated) and cannot collect faeria because he lacks hooves to scoop it out. Sure, he could drink the faeria, but he is still nursing, so he usually drools it out and I have to wipe it up.
  • Laya is this deck’s mandatory waifu card, but she also helps stop aggression and buys you time to wear down your opponent’s emotions. You’re also confusing them by adding lust to the equation.
  • Rakoan Cannoneer is great for closing out your game. It doesn’t only synergize with Rakoan Reveller , but also itself. Yes, after you fire a Rakoan, you can shove the guy who set the match into the cannon and fire him, too. We’re fighting corruption here, so it’s for the greater good. Rakoans are team players.
  • Seifer’s Wrath and Flame Burst are the classic burn package. Nothing exciting. Just fiery devastation.

Take care, good luck, and have fun!