How to double colossi for fun and profit

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The best opening hand to this deck is probably [Card=529]oversky towship[/Card] and [Card=124]Triton Banquet[/Card] the way that i play it, but [Card=129]battle toads[/Card] is not a bad opener either most creatures in this deck come from the blue in it so you usually want to build lakes first and then deserts so you can get good[Card=287] windstorm colossus[/Card] spots later on. an early oversky towship can garuntee a good [Card=84]mystic beast[/Card] spot I also think that a well placed oversky towship could land block yellow rush I believe. It can also move really quickly to rush a sac deck that needs time to build combos. an early mystic beast with the well buff and a towship to back it up is enough to put a lot of decks on the catchup end of things and you are already at their well at that point so the wavecrashes are getting reduced and the events are used to keep the pressure on so you can reduce the windstorm colossus.