How to earn Gold, Chests, and Cards?

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You’ve just begun playing Faeria and want to earn rewards just by playing?

No problem.

Here is a simple guide on how you can earn Gold, Battle Chests, and Cards.

How to earn gold

Win games in Battle Mode

  • Compete in Battle Mode, each victory will award you 10 Gold!
  • Winning games in Casual or Ranked mode both reward 10 gold each win.

Daily Quests

  • Completing Daily Quests are a way for Faeria players to gain a handful of gold each day.
  • Every day you receive one new Daily Quest.
  • By fulfilling the requirement of a Daily Quest, you get gold!
  • You may save up to three quests at the same time.
  • If you have three quests, you no longer receive any until you complete one.
  • You have the option to re-roll one of your quests once a day and receive a different one.
  • There are a wide variety of Daily Quests for you to complete. Check back every day and see!

Solo missions

  • Completing solo missions is another way to earn Gold. Some missions will award you Gold while others will offer you various rewards. If you purchase a Solo quest pack with gold, you will win back Battle Chests and gold after completing it.


Watch tournaments

You can watch Monthly Cup events as well as other special tournaments and win gold and other prizes, including the precious Egg, just by watching!

How to earn Battle Chests

  • Battle Chests can be purchased in store for 100 gold each.

  • Each Battle Chest contains 5 cards, with at least one card guaranteed to be Rare or better.

  • After opening a Battle Chest, you have the option to “Reroll” a card of the highest rarity. Rerolling will return another card of the same rarity. If the card is Mythic, it will remain Mythic.

  • Battle Chests have a chance to contain Mythic cards, which have special cosmetic borders and disenchant for a higher value than normal cards.


In the Crafting menu in-game, you can disenchant extra cards you don’t need and craft them into something else.

Disenchanting a card will return a certain amount of Memoria, depending on its rarity.

###Crafting rates are as follows:

  • Common cards:
  • Disenchant reward: 1 Memoria
  • Crafting cost: 5 Memoria
  • Rare cards:
  • Disenchant reward: 5 Memoria
  • Crafting cost: 20 Memoria
  • Epic cards:
  • Disenchant reward: 20 Memoria
  • Crafting cost: 80 Memoria
  • Legendary cards:
  • Disenchant reward: 80 Memoria
  • Crafting cost: 320 Memoria

** Mythic cards**

Mythic cards provide much higher amounts of Memoria when disenchanting, and consequently cost much more to craft. Mythic cards are cosmetic in nature and are no stronger than the normal versions of the same card.

Therefore, when you open a Mythic card in a Battle Chest you have the option of disenchanting it for a heavy Memoria return - then craft something else! It’s your choice.

Its best to disenchanting cards after a patch since nerfed cards can be disenchanted for their full value.

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typo, it costs 1000 Gold not 100 to buy chests (phew 100 Gold that’S aurora’s dream come true)

link to tourneys seems not to work properly

Fixed the links.

This post has been outdated since the latest economy update and was removed from the Hub. It remains here for archival purposes. Sorry for the confusion.

Here is a more recent video guide from the community:

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