How to improve at Faeria - A guide



Removed dead links and added a link to the Oracle text post :slight_smile:


With many new players coming to Faeria, I want to know what I could add to help them? Any suggestions?


Updated removal numbers and some game/card mechanics! Thanks @Taiyodori



Really appreciated.


Updated with Removal numbers. (version 0.9.6186.34667) and @Taiyodori’s Yellow Rush defense-guide :slight_smile:


Thanks for this! Great help for a new player like myself.


Literally started yesterday but found this Very useful.

Thanks :smile:


Updated “removal numbers” and “game mechanics you should know about”.


A great guide on mechanics. The strategy of what you can/can’t do with cards is very useful for new players, as well as the map showing how Faeria is harvested.


Updated: Removals (Derelict Tower) and Prophet of Tides mechanic.


Updated removal


I am new to the game and found this an excellent introduction to get me thinking about the key fundamentals. Now need to go and apply it :). Thank you.


Updated with Turn^4 video and removals.


Is the turn 4 video still relevant? I mean the content still is very instructive, but the current meta seems to revolve around racing your opponent (whether by burn, rush, paradise OTK) or reliably winning 1 for 2 brawls (BG ramp), in other words, around cases that were assumed to be unlikely.

I don’t know where to put GY sac or manta control though, maybe they’re less degenerate.