How to Kill Rapala (Solo Quest)

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Land type(s): Neutral, Mountain
Faeria cost: 3.9
Difficulty: Intermediate

[Card=194]3x GIFT OF STEEL (3f 2M)[/Card]
[Card=211]3x SHEDIM BRUTE (5f 2M)[/Card]
[Card=212]3x BLOOD SINGER (3f 2M)[/Card]
[Card=215]3x LORD OF TERROR (6f 2M)[/Card]
[Card=218]3x GRIM GUARD (4f 2M)[/Card]
[Card=223]3x BOMB SLINGER (5f 3M)[/Card]
[Card=225]2x FLAME BURST (3f 2M)[/Card]
[Card=235]2x DERELICT TOWER (3f 2M)[/Card]
3x SEIFER’S WRATH (2f 2M)[Card=241]
[Card=244]2x FIRESTORM (6f 3M)[/Card]
[Card=335]3x REBEL SLINGER (3f)[/Card]