How to obtain battle chest?

Hello, they said that you will gain battle from leveling and from the daily quest as you can see below :

Obtaining Battle Chests

You will receive one Battle Chest each time you level up.
    Experience required to reach each new level will be increased to compensate for how much more valuable levelling up will become.
Daily Quests will all reward one Battle Chest.
Daily Login rewards Battle Chests, Shards, or Mythic Chests.
    The rate will be approximately one Battle Chest every four days, and one Mythic Chest every month.
If you already have the maximum number of copies of every card in the game, when you would normally obtain a Battle Chest you gain 600 Shards instead.

But the daily quest don’t give battle chest, they give 600 shards instead, and i don’t have all the card, so there is no reason for the daily quest to give shard instead off battle chest.

So my question is simple, how do you obtain battle chest except from leveling ? (wich can be long if i recall recorrectly and even longuer now because they said that because of the change in the economy of the game, the amounth of exp needed to level up will be increased.

Is this just a bug for the daily quest ?

Thx for your answer :slight_smile:

i’ve got my answer, it’s because, with all the chest i received (45) the program already calculate that i will finish my collection when opening them all, so that’s why i can’t gain battle chest anymore :slight_smile:

So what about obtaining chest for Pandora hows that accomplished?