How to play Red Rush (J0k3se's version)

Good morning guys!

When I have been coaching, players have often tried out the Red Rush deck. In this video I explain the deck and why it works, when to play what lands etc!

I hope you enjoy!


I really like that version of yours, much more stable than the usual version with Bomb Slingers and Yaks (yes, they look like Yaks, so they’re Yaks in disguise).
But I think it might be also easier to counter as you run out of steam earlier than the other version, not to mention that if you can’t establish total domination in the first few turns (because you had no neutrals in starting hand for example), you’re pretty much dead.
And how does it works against another rush ? (red or yellow)

Absolutely. This deck has some serious early-game punch. But if the opponent handles it easy, it does run out of steam quickly. But its not terrible then either, since it does buff firebringers and hateseed quicker than the meta-version.

I have played this deck a lot and I feel like im favored against other rush decks. Usually in aggro vs aggro a lot depends on your draws. We have a lot of cards that can be played with no mountain or only 1 mountain :slight_smile: