How To Read Minds! (Sorta…)

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I’m just gonna jump straight in :slight_smile:

Narrowing Down the Possibilities

Let’s say your opponent is first and has placed a red land at the side of his orb. This may not seem important but if you look closer you will see it is actually quite inormative.

  1. Now you know that he is playing red, wich means lots of removal, so you should probably not put down a creature that is under 4 health.

  2. You know from the position of his land (the side of his orb) that your opponent is not playing rush, he is playing some sort of controll/midrange deck.

This creates a list of the possible deck he might be playing.

  • R Controll
  • R Burn
  • R Blood Rain
  • YR Blood Rain
  • GR Crackthorn/Emerald Salamander
  • GR WhaleThorn Ramp
  • BR Bargain
  • RY AgroBurn
  • Three Whishes/Multi Color Ramp

Your opponent might also be playing some other, less popular red deck but that is quite uncommon.

So from your opponents first move, you can start to figure out what deck he is playing.

Now lets say that on his next turn he plays another mountain and plays an [Card=191]Underground Brigand[/Card]. This narrows down the list even more.

  • R Controll
  • R Burn
  • GR Crackthorn/Emerald Salamander
  • GR WhaleThorn Ramp
  • BR Bargain

Lets say your opponents next move is to place neutrals towards the wells. This makes the list smaller still

  • R Controll
  • R Burn
  • GR Crackthorn/Emerald Salamander
  • BR Bargain

Now your opponent places a green land and summons a [Card=131]Sagami Warrior[/Card].
This leaves only one possible deck left.

  • GR Crackthorn/Emerald Salamander

Now you know what cards you can expect to see played. Most notably

  • [Card=241]Seifer’s Wrath[/Card]
  • [Card=225]Flame Burst[/Card]
  • [Card=175]Elderwood Embrace[/Card]
  • [Card=523]Emerald Salamander[/Card]
  • [Card=314]Crackthorn Beast[/Card]
  • [Card=233]Fire[/Card]/[Card=170]Wood[/Card] Elementals
  • [Card=131]Salami Warrior[/Card]
  • [Card=4]Syland Horsemaster[/Card]

With this knowledge, you can play around these cards.

  • Note the amount of faeria your opponent will have on his next turn, maby he will be one faeria short of performing that crazy salamander Combo.

  • Play the probabilaty game. If your opponent has 2 cards in his hand and has played 2 [Card=523]Salamanders[/Card] already you can be quite sure he will not have a third in his hand.

  • Common deck lists. GR Crackthorn usually only runs 2 [Card=4]Horsemasters[/Card]. So if your opponent has played 2 Horsemasters you can probably rule out a third one.

Another trick to guess your opponents deck faster is to check in on to see if someone has published a new deck.
If someone has published a new deck then there is quite a high chance that people will be trying out that deck, especially if it was made by someone popular like Luuu90 or AquaBlad.

So there you have it. If this gets popular I might do a more in depth guide.

If you think I missed something or just think i’m retarded feel free to leave a comment.
I’m a big fan of constructive critisism so any feedback is greatly apreciated.

Have an extra ordiarily lovely day :slight_smile:
Peace out.

Great guide! Before starting Faeria, I played another CCG and loved watching a particular YouTuber who would talk through all his plays and get in the head of his opponent and use the logic you mentioned above to approximate his opponent’s strategy and cards. It really encouraged me to think in the same way and it’s so gratifying when you make the right calls :slight_smile: