How to start as Green Midrange?

As a green midrange player I still am not 100% sure if I should start my lands in the middle of my orb, then go to a well, or just go for the well right away.
For now im going for the well from the get-go, but im not sure if its the best option. Can someone with more knowledge tell me which one is better, and why?

It depends on your hand, starting from the middle gives you more map control. I typically only go straight for the well if I’m going first and have a turn 1 play (going second would mean starting middle even with a turn 1 play since you have explore) or if I have two creatures I can play turn 2(like spring mochi and lore thief).
Slower/control decks do tend to go straight for the wells though since it takes them longer to build their army and they often need more special lands.

Here’s a tip: If you plan on building to both wells on either side of your orb, then go straight for one well first, if not then start in the middle.With the exception of the turn 1 play while going first.

I’ll try to start from the middle. If I see some change, negative or possitive, I’ll see for which play I decide.
I dont like going for both wells, just one. Going for both of them seems like wasting lands imo. I just go for one and try to fight my way to the enemy’s orb. And if the enemy goes for a slower play, like going the opposite way im going, I’ll double neutral to the orb, to make aggressive lands quickly, to punish them.

I still think I’ll like the go straight for the well kind of play more, but I’ll give it a shot.

Well if Aqua says its better to go for the wells, my question is answered.
Anyways, I did some matches starting in the middle, they sucked. I really prefer the other way, not only I know how to play better like that, but also it doesnt leave places for the enemy to set up lands in my face.