How to start... filler

Hello, i just started playing, and I’m kinda getting rekt by Aurora, i could do with a decent, cheap deck to power through the early ai battles, any ideas?

also, I got Eredon, Voice of all from a pack, I’m assuming he is safe to DE.

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Red rush, with basically any creature having high attack, in red or in neutral. Add a few blasts to that and that should do the trick. That’s a low budget easy to play deck with decent efficiency that should get you through all the normal quests. As for Fuguro or Epic, that might not work, though (I’m not sure).

As for decraft : I advise against DE for Legendaries as they can always get a buff later (we’re still in Early Access) and they are usually pretty unique and interesting gameplay, even if they are not always very strong. Concerning Eredon especially, I think it’s not a bad card per se, it can have a good impact if you get it in early in a non-rush deck. It’s not a top Legendary like Aurora or Khalim, but it’s not that bad either

on the topic, what are the best legendaries?

In random order : Aurora, Khalim, Garudan would be the top 3, Baeru and Tethra wouldn’t be too far from them. In my opinion, Eredon, Ruunin, Aurora’s Dream and Day of the Dragons would be the next in line (depending on the metas). And far to the oposite way, we find Krog :smiley:

Thoughts on Baron Thulgar in blue control?

Fun if you get Aurora’s Dream for 0 :wink:

Otherwise, I’ve never seen it played, so I don’t know. I personnally wouldn’t like it because it it too random …

Yeah, probably, but the thought of aurora’s dream, or heck, even windfull is so sweet.

Completely unrelated topic, but what’s a healthy mana average for a control deck without dream?