Hunter's Finale Revisited

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Over a year ago I made this spot lethal puzzle.

Lijumaru provided this solution. spoiler

Trick yak (has haste), Gagana and yak kills 5/5 on your forest.

Celestial Tower Tarum and move it 3 up (where the 5/5 was).

Towship moves up, make a desert below Sharra and Twister Wisp there.

Meteor where Wisp was, it gets +22/+22.

Champion to move the wisp NW and Looking Glass to transform Sharra.

Move Wisp up and hit face.

Of course this wasn’t the intended solution. So if anybody cares here it is.

First understand what happened in the history bar.
It says the very last action was your opponent played Three Wishes. At this time you and your opponent both have 8 cards in hand, and you have 3 cards in deck. So when your opponent plays Three Wishes, the first card added to his hand was Aurora’s Trick (This is the card you drew). Then the second card was Gemshell and the third was Hook, both of which were milled and thus shown on the history bar.

Essentially you know that the next 2 cards you draw in the screenshot is Gemshell and Hook in that order.

Now to spot lethal:

Havoc Swordfish (51F), Piranha gains Death Touch and Jump.

Champion (play it on the open forest) to move Piranha between the wells (SE of where swordfish was) (46F).

Celestial Tower Towship and move it 3 up (where Piranha was) (47F with collection).

Trick Yak (43F) (Has haste, becomes 3/2 because of Outpost), move it SE and play Looking Glass where it was to transform Walking Fortress and trade the Yak (38F).

Draw Gemshell, play it where yak died (30F). 2 Hooks are added to your hand. Use one hook on Tarum and the other on Piranha (28F). Tarum hits piranha with range. Because Piranha also has range it deals damage back because of strikeback and kills Tarum with deathtouch. Wisp gains +16/+16.

Play Msatnahp to transform Towship and trade with Sharra (23F).

Twister Wisp to the desert (that was moved by Towship).

Play Thyrian Golem (18F). Crumbling Golem dies since Champion, Looking Glass, Gemshell, Msatnaph, and Thyrian Golem were played. An Animated banquet is left in Crumbling Golem’s spot.

Meteor opponent’s orb (6F). Both Divine Guardians and Animated Banquet die.

Play Kodama to create 3 forests in the 3 remaining spots around opponent’s orb. Wisp gains +3/+3 and can hit face for lethal.