Hydra Head Puzzle

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Okay, so I got a bit of complains about my recent puzzle. I think a few things have went over some people’s heads, so I feel the need to explain it further. If you are confused about the solution or just simply didn’t like it, please give it a second chance and continue reading.

First of all, these are puzzles. They are not meant to be applicable to an actual game. However they still must follow the rules of a constructed game. If they didn’t then I could understand the complains. So when somebody points out something like “You didn’t have the lands for that”, my response is simply: I [Card=248]meteored[/Card] the lands away. Again it’s a puzzle, I have used meteors and [Card=526]dream keepers[/Card] in setting up many of my puzzles. Setting up the puzzle is irrelevent. The reason I make video solutions is to prove that the solution is legitimate in respect to following the rules of a constructed game.

Second, I make these puzzles purely out of my own enjoyment. I find puzzles where all information is open and everything is clearly laid out rather easy. Easy in a sense that they only take 10 maybe 20 minutes to solve. The only puzzle that is like that that I found difficult was Helios’ The Finale in the Elements Puzzle Pack. Making a puzzle like that is incredibly difficult, I have tried. Instead I make puzzles where you have to figure out any hidden information yourself. That is the type of puzzle I enjoy making. I have no obligation to make these puzzles, obviously I don’t get paid to do them. I come up with everything on my own, play against my smurf to set it up and record the solution, and ask Atmaz to post it in Faeria Friday. That is my personal contribution to the community.

Anyways, here is the puzzle I proposed:

The screenshot is taken on my opponents turn to conceal the last card in my deck. The opponent does nothing and passes. The puzzle asks, What is that one card that I will draw that will give me lethal?

I make a few points in the screenshot, all of them have a reason. The main point is I currently have no special lands developed. This eliminates any card with a land requirement of 2 or more as an option. If you had access to those, you could simply play a buffed [Card=665]Barrensky Vermin[/Card]. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem interesting to me.

So on to the solution.
The last card in my deck is a 20/1 Hydra Head.

Apparently many of you didn’t even know of this card. It is a token that spawns from the corruption effect of [Card=611]Monstrous Hydra[/Card].
How did I get it in my deck and why is it buffed? In setting up the puzzle (again irrelevent), I procced the corruption effect, [Card=94]creationed[/Card] one of the tokens, played Dream keeper to put it back in my deck (It took many, many tries to put in the bottom), and used a buffed [Card=361]Long Horned Yak[/Card] to give it 20 attack. I insist all of that is legitimate in the puzzles I make.

To clarify what Atmaz said, “you really need to have an ultimate knowledge of the cards in Faeria”, this is refering to the fact that this token only requires one land, the main obstacle in solving this puzzle. You didn’t have this knowledge? Not my problem. Two have managed to solve this puzzle just by searching “haste” in your collection, and coming to that conclusion by process of elimination. Consequently I actually thought at first that this was a very easy and obvious puzzle.

As far as I know Hydra Head is the only solution. Unless there’s another one, I assert that this puzzle is on par with my previous ones. Feel free to find another one, if you do congrats and I tip my hat to you.

There are like 7 possible solutions that almost work but don’t. I have designed the puzzle to account for all of them:

  • [Card=22]Freedom Fighter[/Card]
  • [Card=703]Celeste[/Card]
  • [Card=644]Topaz Yak[/Card]
  • [Card=316]Scourgeflame[/Card]
  • [Card=425]Hammer of Destruction[/Card]
  • [Card=49]Storyteller[/Card]
  • [Card=32]Yak attack[/Card] token

I should mention that [Card=117]Egg[/Card] will only transform into a non-legendary creature with base stats.

I should also mention that the last card can be discounted so your mana count doesn’t matter.

So let’s go over all 7 and explain why none work.

Freedom Fighter: “Why couldn’t you use Freedom Fighter instead of Hydra Head, why do you have to be so fancy? >.>”. Okay do the exact same thing with Freedom Fighter. Think it through, i’ll wait…

still don’t understand? Here’s a hint, there’s a reason I chose a 1/2 taunt instead of a 3/3.

Celeste: Reminder, egg only procs when you draw a non-legendary creature. Even if it did, it wouldn’t have haste anyways. So you draw a 20 attack Celeste. That one will indeed get haste. Now go ahead and hit face with it. If you double land you can’t use your shifting tides. If you make a special land you need to some how move the taunt away and hit face.

Topaz yak: The Topaz yak in your hand will get haste if you summon it adjacent to the one that was transformed from egg. However, that one will not have haste. Also it has 2 health.

Scourge: I am aware of the egg & scourge interaction (I did mention the puzzle didn’t involve any bugs). Again egg only copies base stats, and scourge requires 6 lands to play.

Hammer: You can only hammer face 3 times. Oh you can also draw with the wheel? Yes you are correct… you could instead draw with the wheel. -_-

Storyteller: The reason why the opponent has at least 2 cards in deck is to account for this cheeky loophole. If the opponent has only 1 card you can claim the next fatigue hit is 20 damage.

Angry yak (Yak attack token): Again, 2 health.

The last thing I’ll address are the shifting tides being wild. To me it just felt like a subtle way to conceal the solution.

So there, that’s all I got to defend my puzzle. All I wanted to do was make a puzzle that involved a hard copy of this token. I understand it can be frustrating when you spend a long time to figure something out, only to find disappointment in the solution. But taking out that frustration on me is irrational and uncalled for. If you are still in the opinion of “that puzzle sucked” after READING this, fine it sucked. Regardless, for the third time I insist the solution is legitimate, for the puzzles I make.