I am finding Faeria's clicking very inaccurate

First off, I am actually enjoying Faeria. It’s my favourite online card game at the moment.

However, I am definitely finding Faeria’s mouse clicks the least accurate of all the online card game I have recently played - Heartstone, Shadowverse, Duelyst and Faeria.

Of course it is partly due to the fact that there is a board, but I have never been frustrated while playing Duelyst because I really thought I clicked on my creature but oh wait you clicked on the enemy creature right above it to buff it for +x/+x, you lose. How many times did I think that I clicked on a “shining” space after playing a charge creature only to see it sit in its original place?

Some people may say that I should just be more patient and take my time carefully playing every move - but it’s not like I’m playing in a tournament where I should probably really be careful with every move. I shouldn’t have to be stressed out to just make the play I want.


So you’re saying it doesn’t click where you click, or that it is more impactful that you’re not good at clicking where you want?

If the latter, I agree, if there were a set of options for certain things to need confirmation, that would be a big improvement, probably especially for mobile device users, though I’m just on PC, so can’t confirm that it’s worse. I still lose the odd game by failing to dash. :cry:

Clicking is not responsive and accurate enough.

Even if I know exactly where I want my dash creature to summon and dash to, I will never click my creature on hand, click where to summon then immediately click where I want it to dash to, because I know there’s a chance it’ll just not trigger. I have to deliberately make odd pauses in between those steps.

When you have a cluster of creatures of yours and your opponent’s together, you have to be like extremely over careful when using your events. Most of Faeria’s events can be used both on allies and enemies (what makes it more fun of course), but I have to like unnecessarily open my eyes wide and like triple-check that it is highlighting the right unit I want, instead of just casually clicking on an event on my hand and clicking on a unit immediately like most other games.

Agree. I lost several times since the game considers a long click of the mouse as two clicks.
It must be very neat when clicking.