I cant play the game

hi i started faeria yesterday. but today i cant paly game now.
i want to play solo mode but i cant (as u can see on my screenshot)
i uninstalled Faeria and installed again but it isnt work.
and also i restarted client, too. but it also took same view to me.
please fix it or tell me what i have to do for play.

Have you been able to play at all since yesterday?

Maybe servers are down?

yesterday yes i could.
but now im watching Faeria streaming…

I am sure a dev or rep could clarify, but if you were able to play it before, but not today, it is likely a server issue. Try again later, and see what they say.

yes i believe…
other account has same problem now.
i couldnt play pandora game, and i just got 1lose -_-… can you fix it dev??
i really want to play Faeria but i cant :frowning:
i wish dev or rep help me quickly…! check my log please TT
and thanks bro for your advice :slight_smile:

update : now id: kimkhasso and tazza, both of them can play solo game.
but im not sure rank or pandora.
when i suggested this issue, i used different computer, i think it was a problem. but i dont understand cause a few days ago, i played Faeria (with id kimkhasso) in that 'different computer.
so i wish u guys figure the problem :))