I cant press any button on start page. I cant login

I have installed opensuse linux and then install steam on it. After I installed the best card game. (faeria)
but when i tried to start game, i was on start page, but nothing on was not work. I cant login in game or shut it down. Animation and music is works. If this problem was solved, please help.

Hi Shadowlog, go to your /home/user/.config/unity3d/Abrakam/Faeria/ directory, open the “prefs” file and change the 1 to 0 in --> <pref name="Screenmanager Is Fullscreen mode" type="int">1</pref>. The full screen is bugged on some Linux distros.

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I had this same bug, Kubuntu 17.04, and this worked. I was originally on Ubuntu 16.04.2LTS and this was not a problem. Thanks @Seinra