I don't think the skill cap of Faeria is high enough (highest ranked win rate player)

I made my own deck recently and it was so hard to win even with my expertise of strategy games, so I dumped that deck due to my annoyance of it and made a deck based off mainly of “combat” creatures as well as creatures that are generally good for red faction and had massive success.

My point is it took me less than 5mins to make that deck and I just made a deck like that because first of all I knew “combat” and red faction is too strong, and I was mad and knew making a deck like that would work.

I am now ranked #64 72W/28L highest win rate out of the 150 ranked players and I am deeply dissatisfied with the amount of brain power it was required to win.

I’m requesting you guys fix the skill cap of this game to appeal to more brilliant players, there are unique decks, but they’re usually stomped out by “rush decks.” My combat deck is a simple anti-rush as well as a quality rush one, which once again took me less than 5mins.

Also Nerf water faction they are broken too. 2/2 frog which becomes 6/6 or 5/5 and kills a creature is a massive loss and will usually result in the end of the match in one blow. This is honestly a short post because I don’t feel like making an in depth one, but the main point is this game needs to be more complicated, matches longer, and less one sided off of a single card or move.

Try to get in the top 10 god :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe you’ll learn things in the way. But mostly, I feel what you said. Rush strategy are usually a bit too strong.
Also congratulation for your first month in god rank! :slight_smile:

It’s not the game itself but most of the good players are not active. It used to be a real achievement for most players to get god rank but now it’s almost a formality. If you feel it’s too easy, try winning with other decks and competing in tournaments. The true potential/depth in Faeria is very difficult to appreciate at first glance. I recommend watching tournaments in 2017.

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i dont think the theoretical possible skill cap is too low, (try beating one of the top players consistently) sadly there arent many top players left which makes the necessary skill level to get god rank or a good ladder position a lot lower than it used to be.

but i agree with your point that there are certain cards (aurora, garudan and too many more) that take away a lot of skill out of many games just becaus you draw them at the right moment as you mentioned that is a crucial point the devs should take care of.
and the same goes for deckbuilding i agree it is very simple to build a deck that works and is competitive because of how cards are designed to work together, you can basically search for combat put them together add the 9 red core cards and have a competitive viable deck, same sadly goes for many other decks. i think that is a card design problem, when devs design cards to specifically work together you end up with those pre-designed strong decks that dont need a lot of deckbuilding skill to put together…

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good points everyone, I will make a more in depth post of what I mean later

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