I drew a bad-ass battle-frog

What do you think? Should I draw some other cards too?
Which cards? Let’s make a top 3 or something :slight_smile:
(New to the community, just discovering what people are like :wink: )


Really cool! :frog::frog::frog: :smiley:

I like Grub’s eyes and facial expression.

Yak next? or a Dragon? or one of the Golem?

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Yak is a good idea :smiley: I’ll just wait and see if there’s some more suggestions and hope to make a top 3 to give me something to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna see an angry yak :smiley:
Or a Snowstorm Lancer on a yak :frog:

Aww, I thought you meant “drew” as in at the start of the turn!

I guess your next subject could be a lonely Twinsoul Spirit or Gabrian Noble… then a picture of all of the missing partners pretending to go about their business while they stare lovingly at Iona as she floats down the street.


you should write fanfiction :smiley:

I’d draw pictures to go along with a tale if someone else writes the story! :smiley:
I’m gonna try my hand at a yak first :slight_smile:

Here ya go, the war-yak!
So a Yak in action is called… “Yaktion?”


That’s really cool :smiley: :yak:

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Hey, that’s pretty good!

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