I feel blue needs a balance tweak

Hello, I’ve been playing this game for a long long time and I really love it. Been a huge fan.

Balance being really important to make this game fun, I feel really strongly now that Blue is overpowered. Something about it needs to be tweaked. The suspect culprits are: Unbound Evolution, Luduan, and Mirror Phantasm. Sunken Tower is borderline overpowered or might even just be overpowered at this point. I’m not sure where the tweaking needs to be done, but I think it does need a rebalancing somewhere. I believe many experienced players will agree with me on this.

Luduan in particular is just crazy. 3 mana for 1 lake and has 4 health. I mean, you are almost guaranteed to get value out of this. Combined with shifting tide, prophet of tides, and sunken tower the dude just goes fucking crazy. And he will take over the game. FAST.

I am curious as to what will happen in the next balance patch!

I feel that Mirror Phantasm and Sunken Tower are alright, they also fit very well into the blue style.
I personally dont like Luduan, sooo much RNG. I would much prefer if it did something else on gathering Faeria from opponents well (draw a card, gather extra Faeria, move a land, gave protection).

Unbound Evolution is also a lot of RNG, but it is at the same time a really cool card with so much utility. What if it transformed a creature into a creature that cost 1 less instead? People used to rage about this card because it was too good to play on opponents creature (was cheaper to play then and transformed into a +1F creature). Now most players (i think) play it on their own MP’s/Aurora/Heralds after they took some damage to gain huge advantages. I dont know, it would probably be even more annoying if they changed it like that :slight_smile:
In Hearthstone there is a “Discover” mechanic, what if UE discovered two-three creatures and you picked from them? If you play on an opponents creature THEY get to pick? That way it wont be nearly as strong as removal, but even stronger to play on your own creatures. Gona see a lot of Icerock Behemoths :smiley: I dont know! Its difficult to fix this card. Maybe just bumping the cost to 4 would solve everything. Would also make Frogify feel more viable.

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