I hope to make Herald of War more in line with his name so the design of a new ability


With deepwood stalker out, we might be seeing more abilities like this. It wouldn’t surprise me

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I think he’s in line with his name already.
Herald is about describing the future. His attacks buff future war units (and tax collectors).

Ancient Herald does similar, so Herald = improve future card.

Worse are, IMHO: Dark Stalker, Triton Sanctuary, Tiki Caretaker<=>Tiki Piper, Ancient Beastmaster.

No more Deepwood Stalker please. Personally I would not want more cards that ignore the board. If it’s fighting adjacent creatures or within movement range, that I can live with.


[quote=“xploring, post:4, topic:7194”]
Personally I would not want more cards that ignore the board
[/quote]I agree, mostly. Especially not for colors that don’t currently have it in their identity.

but without the deepwood stalker green kind of has its hands tied in terms of removal which is why its such a great card

For me, green’s creatures are big enough that they don’t need removal. It’s the tradeoff for having the biggest creatures in the game.

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Exactly. Green creatures have cost-efficient bodies but the color lacks removal to compensate for that.