I keep ending my turn when creatures can act! Can the SFX be improved?

I imagine a lot of people are going to tell me to “git gud”. Feel free.

But, I think the white, wispy aura around creatures that can still attack or move is too subtle. ESPECIALLY because the border around your permanents are a light, light silver.

In, say, Hearthstone, there is a THICK, VIOLENT GREEN GLOW around minions that can attack. It’s so clear! I wouldn’t want something quite that tacky in Faeria, but…

I would like the thickness of the aura to increase, and the aura’s color could to be changed, possibly to a saturated orange to contrast with the green of the tiles AND the light silver around permanents–all while agreeing with established color themes (like how foil cards have green and orange vines curling up them). That way, at a glance, I’d be able to tell the status of my creatures.

This might seem minor, but I think it would be a BIG improvement to the UI if this aura was more visible. Having to scan and focus around a big screen for details like that is something I should only have to do for rules text. That’s why basic information like attack and health values are big and colorful around played permanents.

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I like your suggestion, It does happen sometime(in a tough match especially) when you need to think a lot and the timer runs out, Its kind of hard to keep track if you move/attack with everything or if you forgot a creature because you are in a hurry. I really wish this suggestion becomes true! (What ever the aura’s color is I am color-blind anyway)

Perhaps if the value of the aura pulsed from light to dark, that’d also help distinguish it for colorblind people, regardless of their individual colorblindness?

Yes, though I would suggest the shape to ‘‘move’’/’‘change’’ a little bit, this would help colorblind more than changing color.

We usually keep track of the shape more than the color.