I love this game


I very recently (about a month ago) got into this game and I’m very much hooked. I just wanted to say it’s awesome.
However, I notice with alarm that there’s very few youtube channels about it, very few people talking about it and it almost feels like it’s a really small number of people playing it.
At least compared to how many there should be.
I got to rank 2 in my first month playing the game, and I mean… I’m good at card games, but that’s insane.

So I’m here, joining this community. Maybe I can help in some way with my feedback or my advertising to friends to make it growth.

Anyway, rambling is over

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I am a new player, since 5 days, got bored with hearthstone.
Love this game but I think it can be so much better.
Feels like a beta stage game, where there are unfinished details like when you say greetings it doesnt make a sound. Or has bugs like not giving you rewards when it should.
Anyway, great game, hope the devs stay very very active and the community grows!

ramble over

They are working on a new expan, and there is a balance patch next week. I love Faeria, and I hope the community grows as well :slight_smile:

Welcome to the game, and I hope you enjoy the game long term helping the community get larger! There is a new expan in the works, so let’s hope that will bring more people to the game!

Hearthstone has the best presentation (graphics, sounds) in all ccgs IMO (cannot say the same about gameplay). You just got spoiled by it. :wink:

Actually I find the art style of Faeria more appealing than Hearthstone’s. My point was not about 1337 graphix either, it was about the potential that Faeria has and that I am excited for the future, hoping the community will grow so the devs can expand the game! :smiley:

I LOVE the art style way more than Hearthstone’s as well! This game is beautiful, and let’s hope the new expan adds some more amazing art to the cards :slight_smile:

The art of the cards is definitely one of Faeria’s strongest points. In fact, I really think they should take more advantage of it. The current card frames look good and unique, but they would really benefit from a bigger art space. There should at least be ways to zoom more on the cards.

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