I m almost done with this game

Title says it all.
No fun anymore getting owned by people who paid 50 euros to play the full version of the game.
Kudos to them, may they have fun in their little exclusive club.

I may be back to do some dailies the fast surrender way, or when arenas open but i dont think so, game is pretty much ruined for me.

Shame, cause the game had potential, but guess what? When you give people the ability to pay2win, they will be left alone in their epeen to gloat over us “plebs” who dont feel like shelling 55 euros for an EARLY ACCESS game.

Have fun, the lot of you.

hey … if you send me your Cards i can try to build a deck for you …
and btw … HS is nothing else … you have to Play to get the Cards otherwise you will stuck at rank 20 … but actually i have to say you get your Booster packs pretty fast and at least if you do your dailys you will be able to buy 1 boosterpack every 2. day!


I did not bought the full collection, just been playing the game to get the rewards from lvl and dailies (a lot of rewards), and i can do pretty well on ranked so far.

Now, whats the difference between someone who bought the full collection, and someone who got the cards for a strong deck, or even all the cards in the game (quite possible) by just playing? No difference. So that is not pay to win, that is pay to get something faster. If you do not pay, you have to play the game to get your things, like a damn game.

Play the game and learn how to play it instead of raging.

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Hey Swaglord, sorry that your frustrated.

I have the full collection, so I dont know exactly how it feels as a f2p player. But imagine if paying for the cards wasnt an option, then (if the grind is as miserable as you make it sound) it would be pretty much impossible for a player who only play 1-2h/week to be able to enjoy this game, so isnt it good that the option is there? :slight_smile:

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You all missed the point.
I could not care less about winning in AN ONLINE CARD GAME.
It is about having FUN.
Last time i checked, you cannot have fun when your opponent uses advantages you do not have .
Try to remember that we need to have fun playing a game, otherwise, what is the point?

Go HS for fun and random. I have no full pack but 2 season got god rank. No need full collection for that. Just some brain.

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