I once kissed a Yak

I regret nothing.

This was back before Yak Attack was nerfed. I’m cool enough to remember that.

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At least you didn’t punch one like Joyful did back in the day:

Must have been a really fuzzy experience for you : )

The real question is, did it kiss you back?

“Go hog wild here. Talk about whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t make anyone sick.”

I bet you ravaged that poor yak EleGiggle

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I once kissed a Yak, and I liked ittttt

Good luck that it was just a kiss :sweat_smile:

I’m wondering how the yak felt about that. did this yak also enjoy the kiss, or was it awkward for them? they’d probably rather be friends

Please don’t dig up the past. This was a difficult time in my life.


I apologize. Clearly there was some history that you’d prefer to leave buried. I didn’t mean to pry.