I opened half of my given 40 packs. Not a single yellow gem!

Is that normal?

Doesn’t really feel right…

Also, on that pack opening screen, it would be nice to have a small text blurb explaining the various rarities and perhaps even their chances of dropping. Hearthstone at least names them in voice, but here, I have no idea except for “yellow gem”.

As far as I know, the rarities are called the same as in Hearthstone.

As for your draw, it’s (only) bad luck, but you’re not the only person.
I took count of any booster I opened from the first (about 100 so far). From my experience, I get an epic (purple gem) each second pack. And I got 7 legendaries (yellow gem) within these 100 packs. (Sometimes 2 within 5 packs, sometimes 30 packs without one)
However, another friend of mine got 8 legends in I think 60 or 70 packs, while another one got not a single legendary within the same amount. And that’s a shame, really.

Sadly, what Faeria right now is missing, is a mechanic similar to the one build in (though unknown to most people) in Hearthstone to lower the (bad) luck of the draw for opening boosters:
In Hearthstone, the chance for an epic and legendary increases with each pack you don’t draw one, until you reach a 100% chance on the next pack. (This works seperately for each kind of pack (grand tournament, classic, old gods…):
A guaranteed legendary (in hearthstone) seems to need 40 packs, a guaranteed epic 10 packs.

This way, they make sure that everybody gets epics/legends occasionally, though still with a very low average (much more lower than Faeria, actually).

I just hope, Faeria won’t change to that low averages, but a mechanic for both, guaranteed legendary and epic, should be introduced. I’d say 20 packs for legends and 5 for epics, though the average of 1 epic each 2 packs seems quite fair to me, especially if you consider that you need each epic 3 times.

I find that to be quite outrageous, especially since the Kickstarter stated:

  1. A one-time purchase TCG: No microtransactions, no free-2-play. The only way to grow your collection of cards is to play.

Well, the kickstarter statement is just plain wrong (or outdated), not Faeria’s fault. (Faeria is free to play now, you can do microtransactions, if you wish, and you can even buy the full collection for a fair price and with your packs being refunded in ingame gold)

But I understand your frustration. It just feels unfair this way, hence my proposal of introducing such a mechanism to cap the bad luck.
I’m not sure though, how many CCGs have a mechanism like that.

I find that to be quite outrageous, especially since the Kickstarter stated:

A one-time purchase TCG: No microtransactions, no free-2-play. The only way to grow your collection of cards is to play.

The game has gone long way from the Kickstarter days. They basically re-released the game so it’s not much like the game they introduced in Kickstarter. I think not going F2P would have been a death sentence to this game - considering how crowded the CCG market is today.

In my experience, legendary cards drop about every 11-12 packs. Considering how generously the game gives you packs, I think this is particularly fair rate. If you compare this to Hearthstone, depending on the source, the legendary drop rate is about 5%. This means one legendary in 20 packs. If you take into account that Hearthstone is not even close to Faeria in generosity, Faeria’s model seems very fair to me.

What it comes to the OP’s pack opening, that is just below average luck. You will surely get your legendaries soon! :wink:

I have opened roughly 20 packs now since I started playing. I have seen 2 legendaries so far and they were within the first 10 packs. I went and bought all the cards though since I really enjoy the game and am too impatient for the f2p route. I think you just hit a rough patch of RNG and hopefully your luck will improve!
This game is definitely generous when it comes to gold and free card packs so there is that as well.

New player here. I just started playing 2 days ago. The game is incredibly generous, at least in these first few days I’ve been playing. I have opened 15-20 packs and so far I found 1 Legendary (Garudan). For me this % is better than Hearthstone, where I was finding 1 legendary every 30-40 packs, which by the way, are also more difficult to get.

My only complain is that, like with most other ccgs out there, a very good start for the opponent is equivalent to a loss. I had a game where the opponent started with 2 Fortune Hunters. It was GG before we even got to turn 4. I had a couple other games where the opponent played some ridiculous cards turn 1 and 2. I just gave up because it wasn’t worth it trying to turn the game around. So yeah, a bit more work on the match making system the game uses is a must.

If so, that is even more outrageous, because that means I’m only guaranteed 1 uncommon per pack, not 1 rare as with Hearthstone.

And I’ve opened 50 packs in total now, and not a single yellow gem card.

Both games give you at least “one rare or better” card per pack.

But again, I feel your pain. Faeria needs a mechanic for a guaranteed epic and a guaranteed legendary after a certain amount of packs without one in order to prevent such very bad luck cases like yours. :confused:

Grey = Common
Blue = Uncommon
Purple = Rare
Yellow = Epic/Legenday

Most often, I get all grey and one blue. So what am I missing here?

There is no such rarity called “uncommon”. That was Scrolls, iirc.

Grey = Common
Blue = Rare
Purple = Epic
Yellow = Legendary
(For both, Faeria and Hearthstone)

In other words: You will (in both games) always get at least one blue gem card or better. Though you usually get way more epics and legendaries in Faeria than you would in Hearthstone (on average). Only problem for you, right now, is that you have very bad luck and there’s no mechanic (yet) to catch your fall. :confused:

So I’ve played too little Hearthstone in my days, and too much World of Warcraft apparently.

Green would have been the uncommon card.

My mistake.

Still, as other describe, it seems to be 100% random in this game, with no guarantee of ever getting a yellow card, which I hope will be changed soon, because I doubt that will sit well even with the F2P crowd.