I want to keep my egg! (and some ideas if I can't)

The egg avatar is far and away my favorite. When mine hatched, I specifically didn’t open it. I logged in later to see that I had received the “reward” anyway. This is a two-part post. The first is that I seem to have found an exploit, and the second is that I hope you’ll make it a feature, or even better, make it so it’s not needed.

After my egg hatched and I didn’t open it, I was not forced to change my avatar, so I’m still displaying the egg. I don’t know for sure that is what everyone else sees, but it seems likely. Since I love the egg, and don’t see it in my avatar selection screen anymore, I’ve not clicked any of the other avatar options, for fear of losing access to it.

Personally, I would love to retain access to the egg even after it hatches. But I can also see some of the fun of the egg being that who has it rotates. So, below are some thoughts on fun things to do with the eggs:

  1. let the “exploit” stay, with a pop up clearly explaining that once the avatar is changed, the egg avatar will be lost. But balance this by the fact that you cannot get another egg code until you’ve changed your avatar.
  2. have rotten or dud eggs that instead of hatching become a permanent look-alike to the egg, but don’t take up your egg slot.
  3. have different colored eggs, possibly with different hatching pools.
  4. create a hatched egg avatar; an empty shell with the top laying to the side.

I’d love to get the community in here with other fun egg ideas!

  1. let us store eggs so that when we enough 5, we get access to “omelette” avatar :smiley: