I would like to see less passive damage

As the title says, I want less passive damage. This isn’t necessarily about red (Vermin is an example of it) though it does mostly come from red and I’m saying this is as someone who plays mostly mono red.

I want people to have to actually make it to your orb to kill you. I’m bored of trading with say, a Brute and one player losing 4-6+ hp and the Brute going either 2-3+ for 1 and/or setting up an aoe the next turn for yet a bigger swing- the player casting the brute is getting far too great a reward for not really doing anything.

My opinion- combat effects that deal damage to the opposing player should be reduced to 1 (and Vermin should be reworked altogether, fight effects that go to opposing players is 1000% cancer). I realize this would be a nerf to red so it would be difficult to implement without something to make up for it (I would propose adding combat effects to things like axe grinder) but I think too that reducing the amount of passive damage would be good for the game AND make it much friendlier to new players.

I want to talk about this so please chime in.

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It is strange that you are saying “Reducing passive burn damage will make it friendlier to new players”. I feel that passive burn decks are some of the Easiest ones for new players to assemble and use (if not necessarily to fight against). Also, the creatures that use this type of damage are nearly always rather weak, and need to be buffed. Learning what and when to buff is an important part of the process of learning the game.

i agree that are easy to play, which goes even more to my point- although I was talking about playing vs burn as a new player being (I would guess), brutal.

I don’t agree at all that they (burn creatures) “need” to be buffed though they go bananas once buffed. A 5F 2red 3/6 that deals 2 to the face anytime it’s involved in combat is not weak and with being nearly ALWAYS backed by wrath/flameburst/hellfire (not even bringing up GoS) it can trade super efficiently while dealing orb damage (2 for every combat interaction) and maybe even collecting…that is some ■■■■. And again, I say this as a player who mostly rolls mono r, going into god multiple seasons with mono r and ALWAYS using a ton of combat burn.

This isn’t a call to remove it, but I do think you get too much reward for playing such easy stuff.

And on the topic of what/when to buff, GoS onto a combat creature is often just a “do it asap” situation…now that same what/when logic with green- now I agree, that often takes thought/planning/good guessing.