Idea: Global land count

Make enemy lands count into the card land cost. This would make decks more diverse, and gameplay more intriguing. Consequently average card land cost should go up a little bit.

Please comment, thanks.

Sorry but that sounds like a terrible idea.

Why? (no apologies needed)

Well for starters I think that would give too much of an advantage to going second and it would increase the luck factor when getting matched. If you’re playing a green deck for example, and your opponent is playing a green deck plus you go second you would have a tremendous advantage in the match. The only upside I see to this being implemented is if you really want to play a three wishes deck since that seems to be the best way to take advantage of it.

Interesting suggestion, but probably one that’s best for a different game. The main reason I don’t like this idea is because there is a very important element of general land control versus special land costs versus mana/cards that is inherent in Faeria.

When you place two plains, for example, you are giving up the opportunity to develop your deep cards that require multiple special lands. Similarly, when you play for the strong synergies inherent in multi-color decks, you are committing to waiting several turns before you can unleash your full power (even if the highest special land cost on any given card is 3).

Because these are important balancing mechanisms, and because I believe they are good mechanics to have in the game, it makes it a very dicey proposition to count opponent lands into your own ability to play cards. That would be a better mechanic for a game where you are not sacrificing anything significant by increasing the global count - probably a game that doesn’t use lands at all but some kind of special mana or other counters.

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