Idea to improve space and some bug still here


I’m here to give you guys some ideas there I have to improve the game in terms of design, sound etc.
And we still have some bugs that should be fixed.
Let’s go to the first point.


1. Spells Image

We still see the bug of spells when your opponents play them. They don’t appear in the right side of the game and this is annoying cause you just know the effect after, personally, I don’t like that.

2. Pandora treasure breaks the game

I was playing Pandora today and when I played the treasure Ring Of Dominion the game crash and this appear

3. Incorrect username or password bug

Two days ago this happens to me. I try to login and I need to restart the game to use the login and same password to go into the game

Now let’s go to some ideas

1. Lands

Seems now all the lands don’t that impact sound anymore. Maybe you guys want put the game not so heavy in terms of memory but it was much better before and honestly, your sound design is one of the most important and beautiful things in the game.

2. Speaks align

I think this is not very align. Maybe a little bit down, like before

3 Save space

Ok, this is just a personal opinion. As you see in this picture we have numbers, i will explain each of them.

Number 1- I think the board could be a little bit bigger
Number 2- Avatar bigger as well
Number 3- Cards in this position will give you more space to work with Number 1 and Number 2
Number 4- Put this a little bit up
Number 5- Using Number 4 you have space to put this under the circle
Number 6- Using Number 5 you could put the information of cards in the game a little bit bigger.

4 Sounds for creatures

Yeah, will be very cool to listen a Dragon screams when I play it.

5. Golden cards

I think they should have an animation like HS, I´m not saying this should be like HS, not at all, a play much more Faeria than HS and I think this game original but this could be a better way to make people buy more Mythic Chests and get the golden cards because they look more beautiful without that golden fancy frame.

Sorry for my english and remember, these are just ideas, I love the game I think is much better since beta.

But guys, I think you are much focus in this smartphones and ipads business…


My goodness what happened on the back end that broke everything lol.