Ideas for cosmetics

So i thought it’d be a good idea for us to get a thread going about cosmetics we’d like to be able to buy. As a way for us to show the devs the kind of things we’d consider buying.
For example i’d like it if board skins were a thing. Like seasonal boards, with diffrent tilesets and background.

  • $$$ versions of all of the seasonal card backs
  • Custom lands
  • Custom locales
  • Custom Faeria wheel and card wheel things
  • Custom deck sleeves
  • Custom card art

A lot of the placeholder art was actually really nice, from the cards to the lands, to the wheel to the loading screen… I’d like to see some of that find its way back into the game as alternate art.

I can see how the devs might be hesitant to put a lot of custom art stuff in the game, since it could be confusing for the opponent, but there could be a setting to see enemy alternate art that’s turned off by default.


i dont think any of the seasonal card backs should be put for sale, why should you buy something displaying you achieved godrank if you actually never did xD

I’d love to see custom maps, instead of the default empty map being all water, the new maps could be air(clouds), grass, or desert. you could play them with friends or custom matches

id like to see multiple emotes for epic avatars, interchangeable emotes, etc.

if there are mythic versions of cards, why not mythic versions of avatars (that have 2 extra emote lines maybe)

I mean in a different colour scheme, not identical copies of the seasonal card backs. They could even use the 5 land colours, which would be especially cool if they change it so that you can have different card backs for different decks.


very good idea then, yeah id love that. i played for season 1 then left, so i missed all the card backs in between lol. I mean all they have to do is color change, so yeah good idea man