If Yaks Could Talk: Faeria Caption Contest 2

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If Yaks Could Talk: Faeria Caption Contest 2

One of the most deep and philosophical questions that still is a heated topic among the world of Faeria: “If Yaks could talk, what would they say?” We’re here to answer that question, looking through the lens of Faeria’s artwork.

This is a caption contest called “If Yaks Could Talk” where we take future (or pre-existing) artwork from Faeria, and let you all give a voice to that artwork. You’re making a caption; a quote. The caption that best suits the artwork wins!

This contest will be biweekly. You have one week to submit your caption, and the following week, the three judges (Akagisha, Atmaz, and J0k3se) will choose a winner and announce them at the end of the second week.

Please submit your caption here: If Yaks Could Talk. This time, it’s well known Ogre Dance!

Ogre Dance


1st place: 2500 in-game gold + 1 Pandora Coin
2nd place: 1000 in-game gold + 1 Pandora Coin
3rd place: 1 Pandora Coin


  • Only one entry per person! Please be honest and do not use alternate account names!

  • You may edit your caption after submission, but make sure you do it before the deadline!

For the second Caption Contest
Submission deadline is Friday, November 17th, 2017. Winners will be announced on Friday, November 24th, 2017.

Be creative and good luck!

May the Yaks speak through you.