Illusion of Grandeur has IMHO actually weakened blue

Blue has lots of “get a random blue creature” - Spellwhirl, Luduan, Orosei, Egg of Wonders. Pandora also has Djinn’s Lamp. (Egg isn’t too much of an issue as you have to actually choose Illusion to draw it).

In your hand, Illusion of Grandeur usually stays at 0/0 for an entire match unless you’ve deliberately built a deck for it - especially because most of its synergies are in red.
If Orosei or Egg makes an Illusion, it’ll just instantly die, right? Either that or it’s a special case.

It’s not huge, but it’s a small nerf, especially to spellwhirl. And the named cards aren’t part of blue jumper IIUC, which (according to many here) needs the nerf.

It also affects Pandora itself during the draw. It’s hard to build a Pandora deck for it as you’re just chancing on getting any synergies. So it’s close to a dud card that’s going to occasionally push out more useful choices.

Not sure if there’s an easy fix to this. Disallowing Orosei or Egg from producing an Illusion would probably be acceptable (if that’s not already how it is). But it’d be an ugly special case if you specifically removed it from Spellwhirl and Luduan.

You could:

  • Give it a minimum, say 1/1. Its base would still be 0/0.
  • Let you draw another card instead and gain 7 faeria (net zero since it costs 7 faeria).
  • Totally redesign it.

Anyone else think this card needs tweaking?

Tried it in Pandora. Picked illusion as my 1st card. Got another one halfway in.

(I had Healing Song, Outland Ranger, Syland Horsemaster and Safeguard IIRC - in there too, scrolled badly sorry)

The only synergy I dropped was fish, so all I had was failed experiment and mochis. Having the Illusions in my deck almost certainly cost me one game (empty deck, no cards but 2 0/0 illusions, tax collector and failed experiment, which gave me 2 extremely expensive tax collectors without a government). The other loss was possibly helped by it too. I guess I could’ve rolled better synergies, but I could’ve easily rolled worse, too.

So, never get this card (or Krog’s Breakfast, unless there’s a rule that Krog will be there too - I did see them both in one run, but that’s only once) in Pandora.