I'm worried about faeria

Between the gorgeous art style, the rich thematic tone, and the brilliant strategic and tactical game play, I believe Faeria is easily one of my favorite games of all time. However, I’m concerned about the sustainability of Faeria. Here is a link to Faeria on Steam charts: https://steamcharts.com/app/397060#7d.

These statistics worry me because as you can see Faeria is at an all time low and it seems to be going down by the day. This is apparent on ladder too. Earlier today I played against the same person in 4 games out of 5 in a row. This person was at rank 4, however I’m currently at rank 12 god so the matches were far from fair with all of them resulting in me crushing my opponent who used a different deck in all 4 matches. The fact that the game had to match me against someone ranked this far below me so many times in such a short period of times, as well as the startling statistics from steam charts is indicative that the player base is already small and it is slowly diminishing.

I believe that the issue is a sever lack of effective marketing. If I hadn’t heard of Faeria through youtubers from other ccgs I would have never known about the game. I don’t want to give the devs advice here because I’m certain they have far more experience in this matter than I do, however I am very concerned about the current state of the game.


I completely agree with you. I believe Abrakam need to provide free review copies to popular CCG YouTubers, particularly those providing Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering Arena content. The last time they did it, the game was still free to play.

If the reviewers point out the advantages of the new business model, the popularity is sure to increase to at least the pre-transition levels.

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Im super skeptical at the moment about future of Faeria. It is very noticeable on ladder due to low player base, youll often see the same person or have matches with grossly unmatched skill levels. The devs continue to talk big in the weekly announcements painting a picture of progress and long term plans but the player base is steadily dropping and if that isnt addressed then it doesnt matter about anything else really, the game will just slowly die out regardless of plans and ideas. Its a difficult period for the game, whether they’ll pull out of it or not depends on investment i imagine, in the right areas. Need to build the player base somehow, more players = more income. Less players = eventually no players = server turned off :frowning: I wont leave the game until its actually dead though, im interested to see if it can pull out of it down the line. All it needs is more players! So many games struggle like this for very similar issues. Not enough players. Not enough marketing. Cant afford marketing because its expensive and risky. End up stuck.

The steam charts show a very steady player base over the last 3 - 6 months, that doesn’t suggest the game is dying…

That being said, I think an idea to explore would be to make the base game free, then charge money for expansions/cosmetics

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I think Werlix’ idea is great. People just need a chance to see how amazing this game is before they’ll be hooked.

Another idea would be to have a feature-limited free trial/demo up to level 25 or so. Players who have never tried CCGs before will be a lot more willing to check it out if there’s no risk of paying for something they may not like.

I definitely feel like some sort of free trial thing would be a great idea. I actually don’t understand why game companies don’t do it more often. It’s like a movie trailer but for video games.
I anyway am definitely always more intrigued by a game if I have the opportunity to try it out first. And faeria has so many awesome and innovative aspects to it, it’s really hard not to fall in love with it :blush:

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The game is criminally underrated. It is the best card game I played personally.

  1. I do feel like its missing one big key feature which is a game chat.

  2. It would immensely benefit if it was also mobile. But I understand this isn’t just a one two step.

I love the idea of a game trial. You have access to the 10 preset decks to use against AI and 3 puzzles something like that would be cool.


To StarPig: There is in game chat, or rather, in game instant messaging, however it is for people in your friends list only. Right-click on a person in your friends list and choose “send message”. it is even possible to chat with several people at once this way, just right click on their name first to select who you want to reply to.
If you private message someone on Discord, their personal chat channel becomes available to you, making voice chat possible.
Faeria used to be available on iOS, and many people were looking forward to the Android version. But after the B2P transition, the devs decided to remove it, “to concentrate on the PC version”. There have been a lot of requests from players to bring the mobile version back, so they probably will.

I just bought faeria today… and it’s awesome in my opinion.
What do you guys think about the announced cooperation with “Versus Evil”? Could this be the gamesaver?

(write a Steam and Metacritic review, perhaps it helps a bit :slight_smile:)


It could indeed be a game saver if it gives the devs more time and/or money to market the game.

Versus Evil is a good developer. All their games are different from each other and well liked. I think it will be a great partnership!

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