"Immersive Universe"

Immersive Universe
Enter the World of Faeria
Faeria has been designed to immerse you in a world filled with legends of old. Everything has been built to make you feel at ease when you play Faeria. The board, the illustrations and the music are all regularly praised by our community!

I don’t personally get this vibe at all from Faeria, although I would love to. I completed Solo mode and know the names and personalities of the different characters, but I have no clue what the world of Faeria is or why battles are happening or anything.

I guess the site was updated because I don’t see it now, but the “immersive” heading used to show a picture of people praying in a circle. That actually made sense to me, that there was a group of people praying at each orb, having summoned opposing gods who were then morphing the landscape and summoning these mythic creatures onto a battlefield. That would be cool to see in game, just little people praying at the base of the orbs to tie everything together.

And feed us some lore to fill out the universe, especially if you are going to try to use “immersive universe” as a selling point of the game.


I think you’ll be interested in the old lore here.
It’s outdated and at least partly community made, I’ve heard that there’s plans on revamping the lore after full release so a lot of this is subject to change. It did help me immerse myself in the game however.

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Thanks for the link! That’s the kind of story I’m looking for and expect from an immersive universe. I hope they do update it and announce the official story.

It wasn’t the story I had in mind, but I’m okay with it. That version really emphasized that creatures are not summoned but “hired,” and I don’t like that explanation as much. I think of them more as mythical beasts summoned, more like casting spells (maybe like Final Fantasy summons). But I do really like the concept of having lost our memories (our collections), and gaining them back gradually. That’s way cooler than opening a random magical chest and having cards pop out.

I’m not super fond of the “god” flavor either, but that’s kind of the only explanation that fits with orbs.