Important point about account translate & leveling up suggest

hey, i would suggest that, please take care about the level of the account when you translate everything into battle chest,
i am level 471, i dusted a lot of cards during my progress cause i knew the decks i would like to play,
and i don’t have the time to play faeria but i would like to play my blue red supergreedy dream deck sometimes. and some others. the thing is i’m level 470 and i do not have every cards, when you will now need 172 chest to get full set and get a least 1 chest per level. so i heard that a level 150 will easy have full set when i will have to refarm the decks i like to play. as a nearby level 500. i just dusted all my legendaries to craft as much rare i could to get the best translate, but im scared of weeks of farming to play the deck i farmed hours and hours to play with. i undertsand and i agree the new economy system. but i don’t get why a player that spend that much time on faeria without spend any real life money ( except for oversky) should get fu***d by this.