Impossible Puzzle

Hello, everybody. I’m sorry if this is not the right place to write this, but I’m new to Faeria.

Either way, I was playing in Solo mode and I came around this one puzzle (Jalmyr Puzzle #18), where I have 2 Hilltop Archers (2/2 Ranged creatures) placed right next to a 2/3 Imperial Guard, with Taunt and “Last Words: Gain 2 Life”. Jalmyr is, of course, at 2 life. There are no cards in hand and no other creatures. I think this puzzle might have been made impossible after the change to Imperial Guard who used to be, up until today a mere 2/2 Taunter.

Is there any way to make the developers aware of this problem? This is the only forum of which I’m aware of, as Reddit is down at this very moment.

Hey there, sorry about this.

There are three known broken puzzles after the latest patch: #18, #19, and #51.

We’ll be fixing this as soon as we can!

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Hey, thanks’ for the quick reply! I’ll be waiting eagerly. Puzzles are most definitely one of the most fun aspects of the Solo content!