In-game user chat

I love Faeria very much. It’s cool game at that moment, but devs have big plans to future advance the game. Looks very impressive! But I ask myself, what i miss in this game? Of course, communication with the opponent! It’s PvP game, so we should have posibility to talk each other. Chat will allow newcomers to easy ask questions and receive advices. It helps them easely join to Faeria world. Chat will allow expirience exchange and advance into the game through communications.
Here is the concept of “friends”. But it’s quite difficult to find friends without communication. Friendship may start from easy “gg” or “best wishes”. The gameworld inhabitated by friends, where you able to say them “hi” and discuss some news or improvements much more magnetic for the people than usual PvE game (or PvP without communication :).
Of course, in-game chat may generate problems with abuses or an unfriendly behavior. But such problems may be solved with blacklist, bad words filters and claims and bans system.
I have some experience in the XC, Faeria and WOTG. Only last one had in-game chat. In first two I have a few number of “in-game frends” and a lot of them in the last one. Frendship in the game create great friendly community around the game, which attract new gamers and keep veterans.


I can’t chat even with my friends :worried: